Colour Garden

In this contemporary house in St Albans, I transformed a large west-facing garden. The garden already had a beautiful limestone patio, outdoor kitchen, and a children’s play area. However, the patio was disconnected from the rest of the garden. My main goal was to integrate the patio with the rest of the garden by creating new planting beds, which segmented the garden into enclosed rooms.

The clients were keen on introducing a lot of new plants. I brought in a variety of textures and colours with the new planting. I created new beds that enclosed a more formal lawn area, which could be accessed directly from the patio. This also served to partially screen the play area and fort, which were previously a dominant view.

I used instant yew hedging to provide a dark green backdrop to the new planting of ornamental grasses and colourful perennials. I installed a contemporary pergola for an existing mature wisteria and new climbing plants. I also used white-barked birch trees as focal points, effectively linking the house to the garden.